soft hair

Bring amount of coconut oil, and grease out of your hair, and leave for an hour and then wash your hair, and use the recipe three times a week.


Oil is an important source of conventional energy sources, there is oil shale, oil and fossil oil gaseous Klther of Msteqat oil in the world a percentage of 856% of the Mstgueth from the Middle East and materials-oil stone settled lots and Aktar of wealth subject to Astamer countries have always been sought after for these oil companies, there are floating structures Oil in the world’s seas and owned by the big oil companies and the greatness of leading the world to search for oil is much more Massard and Asus has Mstguetqat carry a lot of oil in the impoverished world makes them Alaptrlokmoyat and a lot of the auction are used in today’s world

اضف رد

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